Project development excellence is a seamlessly interwoven process which brings together people and raw materials, technologies and processes in the most advantageous manner. This is how we create enduring value and build properties that will remain as assets to future generations. We work with our partners to develop real estate in various asset classes within the European region.


Our first task is to gain a clear view of the big picture while still paying attention to every relevant detail. We not only see the market as a complex phenomenon arising from multiple influences, but we also understand the reality on the ground whether on the construction site or in the office. We make the right assumptions and as a result, we make the right decisions when structuring your real estate portfolio.

For us, the Gaia Group isn't just a company it's the realization of responsible business activity as we see it, and of the ideals we wish to establish.



Gaia Group GmbH is founded by Timur Steinberg and Sebastian Pritykin.


The first real estate portfolio is finalized, with properties in Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia.


Sale of the Gaia NRW Residential portfolio, with a focus on technical and economic asset management.


Construction begins on the “1909” residential project in Potsdam, a comfortable apartment building located right next to Sanssouci Park.