Gaia Family Office

Each family's assets are unique. They have their own individual needs, goals and risk tolerances just like the people who own them. Our investment strategies unite these individual needs with the current market conditions with a pragmatic, forward-looking approach. We work as a team, combining our knowledge and energy, to make your investments successful. Our market analyses are AI-driven, we have over a decade of experience in the industry handling all kinds of crises, and our motto is always: "hands-on". We invest in a range of real estate segments, including residential properties, commercial properties, offices, retail space and development sites. Our objective is always based on your growth strategy. Whether we are working on a diversified portfolio or on site or property development, our goal is always to achieve sustainable long-term growth, and we shoulder the social and ecological responsibility that goes with it.


973 Managed units


12 Team members


>57 MIO EUR Volume of managed properties



Why do you invest in real estate together?

Timur Steinberg: Properties are our common denominator. Not only do we believe in the enduring value of property, we're also excited and inspired every time by the possibilities and impact our work can have. Through our work with property, we are privileged to create something that is meaningful for so many people.

What made you decide to start Gaia?

Sebastian Pritykin: While Timur followed a classic business career in banking and consulting, I learned about the construction industry from the ground up. We complement each other perfectly, both professionally and personally – also because we've known each other all our lives. Where others compete, we always pull together.

What can the Gaia Group do for its clients, both today and in the future?

Timur Steinberg: The Gaia Group helps both families and individual investors engage with the European market. From developing the initial investment strategy to successful asset management and marketing, we are a strong, competent and above all dependable partner – we are there for our clients and their families to help them with every aspect of managing their real estate assets.


The future has to be sustainable. This means putting the construction industry to the test not only financially, but also in terms of its broader values. In order to meet the challenges of the future we need to act today to define a new concept of responsibility, encompassing social, technical and economic aspects.

The Environment


Our building projects are sustainable and resource-sparing. Specifically, that means we place value on short delivery routes, renewable raw materials and energy-efficient construction. We are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).




Our social responsibility extends to all areas of our business activities. For us as an employer, inclusiveness and compatibility are fundamental. Participation and responsibility form an integral part of our voluntary activities. We have been supporting the Kiddo UA organization, among others, since 2020.




As well as due diligence with a focus on ESG, all of our investments are built on the pillars of active risk management and stringent adherence to our internal compliance guidelines.